About Ficus and plants

Hello! 👋🏼 I'm Jessica, owner of Ficus and Plants LLC. I'm a mom, wife and full worker in a warehouse. I love my family, my indoor plants and my garden. Let’s meet, I’ll share a couple things about me!

🪴I started to collect plants since 2014 when my husband had the great idea to bring some plants to our little apartment. We brought five. 2 still alive. They are a snake plant and golden photos.

🌱Actually I have 57 plants at home. I still need more plants 😅 specially aglaonemas, sansevierias and rare plants.

🪴I love to have small plants because I really enjoy to watch them grow!! It's so exciting and gratifying.

🌱I have 2 dogs. They are shih tzus, one is 14 years old and the other one is 7 years old.

🪴 I have been living in USA for 10 years. I came here because I got married to a gentle and lovely Ohio man.

🌱 I'm from Yucatan, south east of México. I grew up near the beaches,  humidity, weather and delicious food.

🪴 May 2021 I decided to be an entrepreneur. It's hard to be a mom, wife, full time employee and entrepreneur. My days need more hours. Also I'm learning about design, taxes, sales, advertising and more.

🌱My little daughter is the biggest reason I do what I do. She is my world


I  love the creation or purchasing of the perfect plant gift. It makes me really happy when I see smiles on people's faces because of a gift I bought or made for them. With this passion in mind, I was inspired to create FICUS AND PLANTS. My intent is to offer Planty theme items that will make you feel special, cared for and or cozy.

I have been harvesting a bunch of ideas for this shop and I am finally ready to put them out there.

I truly hope you like it here and thank you for your support my small business